Software to create Class Diagram [closed]


I would like to know what softwares are used or if there is any online site to create class diagrams, could anyone tell me?

asked by anonymous 11.10.2016 / 20:10

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There are several, downloadable :

I like ArgoUML and Day, they are very simple to use.

Online versions :

I do not use online versions, so I can not say which one is better, but Genmymodel is very well recommended.

11.10.2016 / 20:26

You can use , which has several diagram templates. There is the Astah free version as well. I recommend using

11.10.2016 / 20:13

I usually use Day , free and light

11.10.2016 / 20:20

There are many, among them it stands out:

There is even a tool that allows you to create diagrams from Java code called:

  • BlueJ - > I have not used it for some time, but it's a great tool.
11.10.2016 / 20:36