What is the difference between htm, html, dhtml and ghtml?


Browsing our "deepweb ", I noticed some variations of URL extension in the browser on a few simple pages. For example, on the globo.com website, which for some cases is .ghtml . For some time I figured Globe had created its own extension, as a "globe" html for GHTML.

See this example:



For this reason, the doubt has arisen. What is the difference between .htm , .html , .dhtml and .ghtml ? What does each one mean?

asked by anonymous 03.02.2017 / 13:24

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Each one uses the file extension you want. There is no universal standard.

The most common is .html . In Windows some people prefer to use .htm , but it does not change anything.

The .dhtml can be an extension that indicates dynamic content for them, something that the HTTP server is configured to process differently by calling an application that will interpret that and generate output. It could be that this page is generated by PHP, for example, so instead of putting .php in the files they put .dhtml .

The ghtml must be some other type of page that requires another application to be called to interpret it.

Even .html may be calling an application to process. Twenty years ago I did this and the webmasters of the time were intrigued how I could make a page "dynamic" as it is a "standard HTML".

That's what I can answer. Exactly what they do only they can respond. There may be other reasons, but I think this is just to indicate which application to call to process page content.

03.02.2017 / 13:32

The ghtml widget is intended to display HTML text from a url or string. "Examples

## Not run: 
#   ghtml(system.file("html","gedit.html",package="gWidgets"),
#     container = gwindow())
# ## End(Not run)
30.03.2017 / 16:48