Guidelines for Visual Assets


I'm developing an application for Windows 10 and on the Microsoft website it does not tell you which pattern to adopt for I mage Asset s: Square 44x44 Logo , Store Logo and Badge Logo .

The image below is an example where it shows a centralized image within a dimension suggested by the Microsoft standards .

I'd like to know what the aspect ratio is for height and width for the center image for the patterns mentioned above.



asked by anonymous 07.12.2015 / 00:50

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Looking at the link you posted yourself, you have this little bit of information:

This is the size of the Branding Bar (that is, the application name) when the scale is 100% (normal). The article also explains that Branding Bar is exactly 1/3 (33%) of the board's total.

It also explains that the icon is 33% too . In this case, I assume that the ideal icon size (which lies in the middle of the board) would be 32px. Being able to scale up to 400%, the scale has the size of Branding Bar as 128px.

I'm not sure, of course, because I've never developed an application for Windows 8+. But by way of deduction I'm thinking that the size of the icon is just the same - from 32px to 128px.

11.02.2017 / 00:56