How to translate a hexadecimal statement in the intel x86 architecture for assembly?


How to do this by looking only at the hexadecimal values of an address?

asked by anonymous 31.08.2015 / 02:18

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See the opcodes of each instruction in the 80x86 instruction-set. There is a table mapping each statement with its Hexa opcode. When identifying the OpCode see what instruction in assembly corresponds to it.

The biggest problem is whether what you're looking at in a binary is a statement or an operand or an operator or a die in the Data Segment. You'll only succeed if you're sure what you're looking at is really OpCode.


09.11.2015 / 15:56

You need a disassembler . Trying to do at hand is hard work, risky and problematic, and you need a book to explain. Have an online .

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