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I'm trying to get the values from the stock market, but the only API I found was this .

It returns values, but rounded. Does anyone know of any other free API?

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The question remains useful to developers.

Here's a list of possibilities I've found, some cockroaches. Feel free to upgrade / add.

BitBolsa (paid): They have webservice service quotes and charts but do not mention the lag. The API cost is 99 reais per year. They seem to be new to the business (2017). [Edition] They have stopped offering the service, even though the site is up and running.

Bolsa Financeira (paid): They have service of webservice of quotations in multiple formats for the delivery in real time or with lag of 15 min. For 100 reais you can make 20 thousand requisitions of quotation in the month, with more bold plans for your needs.

Yahoo Finance (open non-trading): There does not seem to be official documentation on the tool. According to the blog MeuMobi , this is not a solution for developers, only a part of Yahoo's own system. In the API An action can be queried through yql (yahoo query):


For the actions I tested, it was necessary to add ".SA" to the end of the code. The format returned is JSON.

Cedro Technologies Web Feeder (paid): They ask for the contact to make a budget, they have an API structure.

Central Bank (public, coins / gold only): Bacen provides an API for official listing of currencies and gold. The webservice is modeled in WSDL and returns the information in XML.

Non-national Solutions : Foreign websites may offer some little-known solutions. An example is BarChart , which appears on Bovespa's list of vendors and has an extensive API.

For Excel: Brokers and sites make data available for Excel directly (RTD). Force scope of this topic, but follow an indication.

BussolaDoInvestidor (free): Real-time quotes for spreadsheets in excel, through a plugin. It's not exactly a programming solution, but it can solve for some cases.

21.02.2017 / 02:28

I struggled to find an API to collect BOVESPA data. I used Yahoo's, but I learned that it was recently disabled. It is not necessarily in PHP this API that I found, but in JSON. Anyway, I'll leave it here, because I believe I can help someone.

Alpha Vantage API



1 - Register and get your key. It does not take 5 seconds. 2 - Select the action you would like to search. Example: PETR3.SA, VALE3, etc.



I'm using it successfully in Excel 2016 for power queries. Good luck =)


14.11.2017 / 20:51

As a general rule, free APIs that exist have two important limitations: 1) quotes have a delay of a few minutes, typically 15 minutes; 2) there are only quotations for stock, not options and other assets traded on the Stock Exchange.

In my opinion, the best free API, which even offers the historical series, is that of Yahoo Finance. See this my page for source code that uses this API, if needed. There must be countless other better examples of code that connects with Yahoo Finance.

To obtain quotes in real time, only contracting the service with the BOVESPA or one of the vendors. insert the description of the link here to see the available options and a list of vendors that you could consult to see the prices, etc.

There is a third option that is the link to the Excel spreadsheet, formerly called the DDE Link, maybe you'll enjoy it: link

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I use this


More detailed than I know, and free, with a delay of 10 minutes.

to return only one coin

Dollar link

Dolar Tourism USD-BRLT


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