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When I am debugging boot.bin through the nasm it returns the following error:



;IN: si=string, OUT:-
lodsb ; Load string byte (Load a character that's in si into al)
cmp al, 0 ; If that character is equal to "0" jump to done
je Done

mov ah, 0eh ; Set parameters for interrupt 10
int 10h ; Call the interrupt
jmp Print ; Loop back in Print to print the next character

ret ; return back to the place we where called

mov si, msg ; Move the data of msg into si
call Print ; Call the Print label
hlt ; Halt the system

msg db 'Hello World!',0 ; Define the variable msg to a string

times 510 - ($-$$) db 0 ; make sure the file is 512 bytes

dw 0xAA55 ; Last 2 bytes need to be AA55

How do I solve it? Syntax I am using: debug boot.bin

asked by anonymous 17.05.2015 / 03:51

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