Doubt if my code is right in Assembly


Good evening, I'm starting to study assembly and I have questions about the exercise I'm working on. The first one I'm trying to create is a section of uninitialized variables, and the ones initialized and make the following copies n1 = v1 n2 = v2 n3 = v3 I made this code, I would like to see if I am really sure what I did or if it has possible improvements, use some other registrar

section .data
    v1: db 10d 
    v2: dd -20d
    v3: dq -30d

section .bss
    n1: resb 1
    n2: resw 2
    n3: resd 4

  section .text
  global _start

mov al   , [v1]
mov [n1] , al
mov ebx  , [v2] 
mov [n2] , ebx
mov al   , [v3] 
mov [n3] , al

mov rax, 1
mov rbx, 0
int 0x80
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