Integration test send email [closed]


Today I have a system that sends multiple emails.

  • Many settings and submission rules.
  • I need to add some 50 new rules, new emails
  • Time formats with attached file, images, and more.

As it is today, I use an email server to authenticate and send email.

But I need to do some integration testing to validate these rules!

  • How would you do it?
  • Script script 50 new users?
  • How to validate the content of this email, at least some parts?
  • Using Mock? but how do I prove it? the criteria, the business rules built into this whole scenario.

    • Description of the scenario is complex.
    • Use Sprig 4.2
    • Use Hibernate, criteria
    • JUnit
    • testNG
    • Themeleaf 3 to build email
    • The classes are many, describe the main
    • DefinePropertie (defines e-mail proproprieties)
    • Classes that define the persistence layer (@Service, @Repository)
    • Quartz classes that execute and schedule email sending tasks as object states change
    • Classes that assemble emails
    • Classes that trigger e-mails
    • Spring @Component objects that integrate Quartz and link to the services of the classes that send the e-mail.

Suggestions, because the complexity of the scenario is very large

asked by anonymous 26.01.2017 / 18:20

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