Migration with Foreign Characters?


The data is from a Firebird database and even opening with official tools the characters do not come in br format, for example:

PÃO  vem PÆO

Find a site that, when entering a special character, for example µ , returns me the value of the character in decimal, octal, etc :


Website: link

In the example above, the site returns the value decimal 181 to the character µ . If we use the ALT+181 shortcut it returns Á which is exactly the letter that this code represents in the first example above. I tried to use var characters = Encoding.ASCII.GetChars(new byte[] { 181 }); but retonra ? instead of Á .

My question is:

Is there any function that simulates the code generated by ALT+181 to return a character?


I accept answer in c # or vb6

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You can make a Backup and Restore of your database using the following commands from Gbak to UNICODE correction.

-FIX_FSS_D(ATA)       fix malformed UNICODE_FSS
-FIX_FSS_M(ETADATA)   fix malformed UNICODE_FSS metadata

Here is an example of the restore command.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\bin\gbak.exe" -se service_mgr -c -v -user sysdba -password masterkey "d:\base de dados\teste.fbk" "d:\base de dados\teste.fdb"-fix_fss_m win1252 -FIX_FSS_D win1252

For more information on the commands, go to



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