Mock of static method with Demoiselle and PowerMock / Mockito


I'm trying to mock a static method, but PowerMock requires the use of a specific Runner (PowerMockRunner) for mock static to work!

And for Demoiselle to work you have to start Weld with DemoiselleRunner, but the JUnit API only accepts a single Runner.

@RunWith(PowerMockRunner.class) //DemoiselleRunner.class
public class MeuBCTest {

    private PrimeiroBC primeiroBC; //Não injeta com o PowerMockRunner
    private SegundoBC segundoBC;

    public void setUp() {
        primeiroBC = Mockito.spy(primeiroBC);
        segundoBC = Mockito.mock(SegundoBC.class);

    public void testCamposObrigatoriosComSucesso() {


        primeiroBC.fazerAlgo(); //Internamente este método chama o Fabrica.createSegundoBC() para executar outra operação.



Initially I thought about creating my own PowerMockRunner Runner by extending and adding Weld as it is done in DemoiselleRunner.

Is there a setup in Demoiselle or PowerMock so you do not need to create another Runner?

asked by anonymous 11.02.2014 / 14:34

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I've never used the Demoiselle Framework. However, the difficulty with multiple Runners is not uncommon and occurs with other frameworks.

One solution is to use the PowerMockRule . According to the documentation:


Since version 1.4 you can start PowerMock using a JUnit rule ( JUnit Rule ) instead of PowerMockRunner and annotation RunWith . (free translation)

Example usage:

public class MeuBCTest {

     PowerMockRule rule = new PowerMockRule();


11.02.2014 / 14:54

I already had a case with Arquilian , and I used PowerMockRule also, but in this case Runner of Demoiselle was not used. In Demoiselle we follow the JUnit orientation that is to extend BlockJUnit4ClassRunner . If it does not work with PowerMockRule perhaps the solution is, as you commented, create your own Runner . Who knows, you can not create DemoiselleRunnerPowerMock ? And if you do not succeed in creating yourself you can open a case at:

NOTE: The utluiz commented that you gave up Demoiselle because of commits frequencies . Has your review been in the GitHub repository ? Because we are no longer using SourceForge SVN after version 2.

12.02.2014 / 18:40