Is it possible to list all the districts of a city?


I'm using the Google Maps API, but I did not find any of the documentation related to anything, I'd like to list all the neighborhoods of a specific city, but the neighborhood items only appear if I type one street (in some cases you have to have the street and a residence number) so that the neighborhoods are available.

For example:,%20Curitiba%20-%20Paraná

My neighborhood returns:

   "long_name" : "Boqueirão",
   "short_name" : "Boqueirão",
   "types" : [ "neighborhood", "political" ]

But this way:,%20Curitiba%20-%20Paraná

I get only the locality , administrative_area_level_2 , administrative_area_level_1 and country

Is it possible to return all neighborhoods of a specific city? If not, is there an alternative?

asked by anonymous 29.04.2015 / 21:11

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I do not know if we will end up repeating a discussion that has already happened here regarding CEPs , but what I think and I have had experiences for this case of the neighborhoods is that it is unlikely to find something updated and free on the internet. Probably with post database It is possible to get all the neighborhoods of a city, but it has that high cost issue.

The Google Maps alternative also seems impractical, both for business use-value and also for free, as Terms of Service Google Maps is prohibited to download bulk information of any content (even because it has that limit of 2500 requests), in case of doing some kind of service to get them all.

Any information of public places, even cities is very inconsistent, every day something new should appear in Brazil, which ends up necessitating a daily update of this information, and in turn invalidating many other sources that we find out there. >

This MySQL database with the bairros , cidades and logradouros tables % would perhaps be the "offline" alternative for you, but it's a 2011 file and I do not know if the information is even older.

Note: For information, the number of records in this MySQL database: 28,883 districts, 9,968 cities and 563,825 sites.

29.04.2015 / 22:47