Parallel tests using Selenium / TestNg and Database


I have 1165 test cases and it takes 36 hours to run + run this all in 3 different browsers and I'm going crazy with that delay.

My question is whether you have to run parallel tests using selenium / testng and your classes need to access the same database?

I'll try to explain it better.

Let's say I have the class named TesteParaCartaoDeCredito , this class has several tests inside that access the database, for example, create new credit card, change limits, block card and so on.

Today if I try to run in parallel, using chrome and firefox for example, my second test case always fails because the first browser already ran the same test and already changed it there in the database (eg the first browser ran the test of blocking the card and there the second browser when running any other, fails).

Any ideas are welcome.

asked by anonymous 10.10.2017 / 16:15

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In your probe prowling in parallel can you clone your base? If so, you could have two bases to run in parallel. In that case one would not interfere with the other because they are pointing to different bases

19.10.2017 / 12:15