Sonar: Validate changes from a certain date


I use Git integrated with Team Foundation Server. The idea is to put Sonar as a step in TFS to stop the build according to the established rule. I need to know if it is possible for Sonar to apply the tests only for changes made as of a certain date. Example: I have a 1-year history of system changes. I'm going to put the Sonar step today. I want it to only check the changes made as of today. To reduce the initial impact, the idea would be to make a validation framework, and then validate what was left behind. Is it possible?

asked by anonymous 19.03.2018 / 13:56

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Sonar will run on top of the build, not all of its code history, however, it takes a historical basis to analyze whether the code is improving or not. The Sonar evaluates trend, so the analysis comes on top of history.

But yes, it is possible to score from when SonarQube will do the analysis, setting a point in the past for that.

20.03.2018 / 21:41