How to transform source code into digital hash summary?


To register a software, you are prompted:

  • Perform the transformation of technical documentation (source code) into digital hash summary;

INPI documentation still reports: [...] The hash summary is a fixed-length text containing letters and numbers, which must be copied and pasted into the corresponding field of the electronic form [...]

How do I generate this?

asked by anonymous 26.04.2018 / 20:23

1 answer


I had the same questions as you when registering one of the systems here in the company. I'll share here the way I found to create the digital hash abstract.

1) I accessed our code repository and downloaded a copy of the repository,

2) I accessed the Mac terminal, went to the location where the compressed file was and ran the following command: shasum -a 512

3) I copied the generated key and reported on the INPI website.


12.01.2019 / 20:41