Solved - Problem with a Web Api calling another Web Api


I'm developing newbie for web environment and I'm having a very bizarre problem, so the text should stay long to try to explain it.

I have the following scenario: An angular front end that calls a Web Api (1), this Api Web, in turn, in some cases calls methods in another Web Api (2). All methods work fine with one exception.

One of these Api (1) Web methods when calling the Api (2) web method takes a long time to receive a response, often dropping by timeout. When I use Fiddler to call the Api (2) Web method directly, it responds quickly.

Now it's getting bizarre. I have dropped the Api (2) Web to get an error, but even though all other methods that call Api (2) Web quickly receive a 404 error, this specific method takes a long time to receive this error.

And it's getting weirder. I've created a method just to check if the Api (2) web is online and call it before making the actual call of the method in Wab Api (2) and works great for everyone, except for that my problem method. In this check method has the same problem of delay to respond.

This problem occurs on the machine of all other developers accessing this Api Web in localhost, but does not happen in the production environment.

I think the problem is in the local IIS, but as I'm a beginner in this area I do not know what to look for there. Does anyone have a light to give me? Thank you.

asked by anonymous 31.05.2018 / 17:41

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