Finding an address by latitude and longitude


Since I can get the full address of a geolocation, ex:

Lat. 37.386196601958
Lon. -121.964346639

(Such a street, Such a neighborhood, cep: tal)

asked by anonymous 13.02.2016 / 20:07

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Use the Google-supplied API :

The output defines the response format, which can be JSON or XML. %% Depends on the type of information you're looking for, more details can be found in documentation . A simple search for latitude and longitude could be done as follows:,-121.964346639
13.02.2016 / 20:32

If you want an OpenSource / Free solution, use the OpenStreet reverse service. It would look like an ajax request:

      url: '',
      method: 'get',
      crossOrigin: true,
      type: 'json',
      data: {
          format: 'json',
          lat: latitude,
          lon: longitude,
          addressdetails: 1,
          'accept-language': 'pt-BR',
          zoom: 18
  }).then(function (response) {;
    msg_el.innerHTML = response.display_name;
  }).fail(function (err, msg) {, msg);


16.02.2016 / 19:32