I can not access the other project urls


I'm migrating to linux and I'm having a hard time, I installed php, apache, mysql and composer, I can create projects all blz I had a great help until I came to that.

The problem is when I try to access my.project / my_project ... when I enter / something_ gives me this:


Not Found


The requested URL / login was not found on this server.


Apache / 2.4.9 (Ubuntu) Server at dev.meu_projeto.com Port 80

I already did:

chmod -R 777 /app/storage
chmod -R 755 meu_projeto

I have the files:

  • etc / apache2 / sites-available / dev.meu_projeto.com.conf with access the public folder

  • etc / hosts with dev.myproject.com.conf

I've inserted one:

serverName henrique-Ubuntu (nome da maquina)

  • I just tested one:

    php artisan serve

    ai rolled beauty other urls type: dev.me_project.com/login

    I do not know what to do anymore ...

    I have my projects organized in a directory


    home / user / workspace

    Where do you separate other directories for each purpose for example > tests / site .....

    The DocumentRoot is pointing to the project directory, type:


    / home / user / workspace / tests / site

    url with the cited files


    others do not work the routes at all ... I already copied and nothing yet ....

  • asked by anonymous 06.06.2014 / 03:35

    2 answers


    sudo a2enmod rewrite

    and then


    sudo apache2 restart

    10.06.2014 / 06:26

    This new version of Apache, its root has been changed to "/ var / www / html".

    If this is the case then you have 2 options:

    1st) You put your projects in


    2nd) Or change the DocumentRoot of the file

    "DocumentRoot /var/www"
    06.06.2014 / 05:10