Configuration Table


How could I do to use a configuration table in nHibernate? That is, a table of only one record and that it only controls this record, I know I have to do this via application, but I wanted to know if nHibernate already has some feature that handles this automatically.

asked by anonymous 24.08.2015 / 19:07

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I may be wrong because I have not been able to deal with this for a long time or because I did not understand the question but I do not think it exists. Nor would there be grounds for anything specific. It is not the ORM's job to deal with these details. Of course there are some normal framework things you can use to make it easier to access this table. In general a table like this is read once and cached.

It may be best to make a table with pairs of property and value. At least it gives more flexibility. It's just an idea.

24.08.2015 / 19:13