What are PEP's in Python?


I was researching about Type Hints in Python and came across this page.

PEP 0484 - Type Hints

What would this PEP be?

Is this some kind of proposal for the next versions of the languages?

asked by anonymous 11.01.2016 / 15:54

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PEP's Python Enhancement Proposals , or Python Enhancement Proposals ). It works much like the IEEE RFC ( English ): Any user interested in an upgrade or new functionality details to the community what this improvement / functionality is, how it should work, a proof of concept, what has already been tried and worked or did not work and even a code that does this implementation.

The community, in turn, evaluates the paper and decides whether it proceeds or not to be part of the language. If so, the new feature is released in future releases.

11.01.2016 / 16:11