How to delete COOKIES in PHP?


How can I delete COOKIES in PHP? I know that for sessions it has session_destroy() but for Cookies how do I do it?

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Use the setcookie() function but with negative value in the third parameter (which is the expires ), you can also use unset() with the variable $_COOKIE to delete the key in the current execution:

function unsetcookie($key, $path = '', $domain = '', $secure = false, $httponly = false)
    if (isset($_COOKIE[$key])) {
        setcookie($key, null, -1, $path, $path, $domain, $secure, $httponly);

//Elimina o cookie pro path atual

//Elimina o cookie pro path raiz
unsetcookie('meucookie', '/');

//Elimina o cookie de um domínio quando estiver em um subdomínio por exemplo:
unsetcookie('meucookie', '/', '');

As in the documentation example: link

21.02.2016 / 19:39

The response from the @GuilhermeNascimento answers the question very well, but I would like to add an extra.

When it comes to Cookies, I do not know if the correct way would be to say "Delete Cookies". What is usually done to make Cookie "Deleted" is "invalidate".

I say this because the most common way is to set a negative value for the $expire parameter. This will make the browser understand that Cookie has already "expired" and will not send it to the server.

In a simplified way, you delete a cookie like this:

 setcookie('quero_apagar_isso', null, -1);

Logically thought, one would think that unset($_COOKIE['quero_apagar_isso']) would work, but this is not true.

The variable $_COOKIE is just as read-only because it references something from the client.

The only case where unset will work with a Super Global variable is in the $_SESSION variable.

Only reflect: If you used unset($_GET['id']) , the id parameter would disappear from the url? . Obviously not. Similarly Cookie will not cease to exist just because you deleted a value that references it in PHP.

In the same way that you could only delete the id parameter of a url through redirection, you will only be able to delete the Cookie by setting it in a way that the Browser considers invalid.

14.09.2016 / 13:49

Do as follows:


setcookie('nome_cookie', null, -1, '/');
21.02.2016 / 19:42

Facinho, my dear. The command is unset($_COOKIE['nomeDoCookie']);

Ready will already help you with your problem.

That's good luck!

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