Is it possible to have Java SE and Java EE on the same machine?


Can I install Java SE and Java EE on the same machine?

asked by anonymous 15.12.2016 / 20:04

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Java EE is an extension to Java SE.

For example, Java Standard Edition includes the API called JDBC for database access. Java Enterprise Edition includes the API called JPA for object-relational mapping, which in turn uses JDBC to access the database.

Java SE APIs are usually already available when you install Java on your machine. Java EE APIs, in general, need to be included separately. Some Java EE APIs are available from Oracle itself, which maintains Java, but most have alternative implementations that may be superior in quality or performance. Application Servers such as JBoss / Wildfly, Glassfish, WebSphere, Weblogic, are examples of Java EE servers where you can install your application and use Java EE features.

So whenever you run something using Java EE, directly or using some Application Server that implements your APIs, you already have Java SE automatically available.

In addition, on the same machine, you can have a Java process (JVM or Java Virtual Machine) running only Java SE and another process that includes the classpath / p>     

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