What is the name of the modeling / code notation?


I know the question was kind of strange, but it's this:

It has a type of notation that is not any language, but it serves as the basis to implement in some language. for example the algorithm of Dijkstra is represented as:

enquanto Q ≠ ø
     u ← extrair-mín(Q)                     //Q ← Q - {u}
     para cada v adjacente a u
          se d[v] > d[u] + w(u, v)          //relaxe (u, v)
             então d[v] ← d[u] + w(u, v)
                   π[v] ← u
                   Q ← Q ∪ {v}

What is the name of this type of modeling?

I need to represent a code that will be implemented in several languages, by what name should I search?

asked by anonymous 20.05.2014 / 20:22

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@AnislanWesley, I believe what you are looking for is simply a pseudocode.

Many types of pseudocodes are found on the Internet, each with a characteristic syntax. When I learned to program I learned by a known Portugol that basically tries to describe actions with simple Portuguese.

But you can find various pseudocode syntaxes based on some specific language, such as C, Pascal, among others.

Even if you work with computational math for example, pseudo-codes find a notation influenced by mathematical notation, containing SUMMONS for example to represent loop for , for example.

Anyway, I think you can find one that suits your needs or even create your own.

21.05.2014 / 01:44

Pseudocode, in Portuguese.

In English, pseudocode.

20.05.2014 / 20:27

Generally this concept is related to a DSL (Specific Domain Language) ( link ).

Concept: A particular problem representation technique.

20.05.2014 / 20:26