How to generate .jar executable program in NetBeans?


I made an application in Java and I liked it, now I need to get executable to show my colleagues.

How do I get the executable?

asked by anonymous 07.08.2014 / 21:14

2 answers


Which IDE are you using?

If NetBeans is just right click on the project and go to "Clean and Build" then the IDE will create a folder in the project directory called "dist" containing your .jar file and a folder called "lib" containing the libraries used in the project.

07.08.2014 / 21:19

As Anderson replied, just right click and click on "Clean and Build" do not forget that to run .jar applications, you need the Installed JRE, which contains the virtual machine for the interpretation of the file .jar!

07.08.2014 / 21:38