What is that "sr-only" for Twitter Bootstrap?


Studying the documentation I was wondering: what does the sr-only class of the bootstrap really serve ?

asked by anonymous 19.08.2014 / 20:01

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The documentation says:


Hide an element to all devices except screen readers

That is:


Hide an element for all devices except screen readers.

Therefore, it is a way of presenting content that is only considered by screen readers (which are browsers that read content to those who do not see it).

19.08.2014 / 20:06

According to the Bootstrap documentation , this class is used to hide sessions from your page except in screen readers.

It is used for accessibility issues, in this case more specifically visually impaired. It looks something like the alt attribute of image tags.

More information about accessibility for the visually impaired .

19.08.2014 / 20:06