Memory addresses


My architecture is 32-bit so my memory addresses are 32-bit? because it was using a debug by looking at assembly tags and arrived in a part where it had loop , and it was getting byte by byte from < and each character in the string had an address for it example:

0x78650 -> A
0x78651 -> B

How come my address's size is 1 byte or 4 bytes?

asked by anonymous 15.10.2015 / 23:50

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These are two completely different concepts. The address is 4 bytes. The size of the data can vary according to its type. In general 1 is used to represent a character. But this can also vary. A character is something abstract and can be defined in various sizes and shapes.

Making an analogy, address is the location of where the house is, the die is the house. It always has the same pattern in a city to say what the address is. But the houses have various sizes and formats.

15.10.2015 / 23:57