How to enable Flash Player in the browser via Javascript?


Is there any way to enable Flash Player via Javascript in the browser as in this link ?

asked by anonymous 24.03.2017 / 13:23

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There is no official way to enable Flash using only Javascript, if they figure out how to do this it will possibly be treated as a security issue.

About , it clearly asks the user to enable manually , this does not requires JS, but rather interpreting the browser by clicking ,

Use this:

<a href="" target="_blank">Clique aqui</a>

It will show a notification, depending on the browser , test this , like here:

Chrome by default already has Flash installed and updated by default, but off, unless you manually remove it . Other browsers may not even have access to Flash, this same link will point to the Flash download page.

24.03.2017 / 16:21