What is a T-SQL query?


In the Stack Exchange Data Explorer , specifically in the first line says:


Click the Compose Query button up and start typing your T-SQL query [...]

What a free translation would be:


Click the Query button above and start typing your query T-SQL [...]

  • What is a T-SQL query?
  • What does it differ from a normal query ?
  • Which database uses this query T-SQL?
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Transact-SQL , abbreviated as T-SQL is owned by Microsoft and Sybase for the SQL extension.


What is a T-SQL query?

A SQL query tailored for SQL Server.


How does it differ from a normal query?

  • Language flow control
  • Local Variables
  • Various support functions for processing strings, dates, math, etc.
  • Enhancement for the DELETE and UPDATE

Which database uses this T-SQL query?

SQL Server.


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