Spring MVC integration and ratchet


I'm developing a system for my university's university restaurant with Spring MVC.


I need to connect the system with a TopData brand ratchet, which controls customer access to the restaurant. As I have never faced such a problem, I would like your opinion on what path I should follow!

Currently, I am thinking of creating a Java Desktop application to manage the communication of the ratchet with the Web System.

PS: the ratchet has network output.

asked by anonymous 26.06.2017 / 14:49

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  • Catraca Box model - with standard RS232 and RS485 serial communication.

  • RS232: cable with up to 100m length RS485: cable up to 1,500m in length, allows connection of up to 32 turnstiles or Inners to the same serial port (RS232 / RS485 converter required)

  • Catraca Box Net model - 10/100 Mbps (TCP / IP) Ethernet communication

What model of ratchet? And then you will know which path you will have to use.

Edit: vi that said it is the net model, it is the easiest, the manufacturer itself has a sdk.

Anyway, this link will interest you link

and this too. link

29.06.2017 / 22:13