In what language was HTTP written when implemented on the Web?


I want to know in which language HTTP was developed.

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English. Protocols are specifications, so they are not written in programming languages. Protocol implementations can be written in programming languages and can be written in virtually any language.

Maybe you find some translation into Portuguese, but it's irrelevant. Who will implement this needs to know English. I think every programmer should know the protocol before using it, but in practice only those who know English usually worry about this kind of thing.

Specifications exist because there should not be a single way of doing things, there must be clear and unambiguous rules. All implementations should talk smoothly if they are properly programmed within the specification.

Protocols are rules of how something should occur, usually how something should communicate.

Since this implementation is usually a basic software running under applications and can not greatly influence processing time, it is common to use languages that can give the best possible performance if the programmer knows what he is doing. So C and C ++ are languages where you usually do implementations and then use them in other languages. But nothing prevents, and in fact today there is much use of other languages, writing in languages of higher level. The loss of performance will not be bad if the code is well done. After all programming languages have no speed, just make it easier for the programmer to get the best possible.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of implementations, some just as experiment. There should be at least one implementation in each mainstream language and also in many other niche languages.

These implementations make these specified rules happen.

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