How to select only the characters I want from a source?


I'd like to decrease the disk's font size so the page loads faster. It is the font of Awesome Font icons. I want to know if there is any tool so I can remove the characters I do not use and leave the font "leaner."

For example, if I only use the social networking icons, can I remove all the other icons from the source so that only the ones I use are left, and thus lighter the file being uploaded by the client?

asked by anonymous 06.09.2017 / 04:36

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The allows you to select characters and generate a new font from them easily.


In addition to the .ttf format, it will export in .eot, .svg, and .woff.

06.09.2017 / 04:56

What you are looking for should be, in my opinion, the IcoMoon . :)

In IcoMoon, you can choose which icons you need or even import into the site (or browse the site's gallery) and later download the new font-style .

You can also change the class of each icons to your preference (but the default value is that of the original source).

I hope it's a good help!

06.09.2017 / 04:55