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What are good practices when it comes to software testing regarding file input and output? Is there any effective way to go in the market? Is it good to come with some prior knowledge, or is it better to take the test in the role of the user, not knowing how the system will react?

asked by anonymous 02.07.2014 / 14:50

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There are several types of testing you can do:

  • Unit Test: Test at a component or class level. It is the test whose purpose is a "piece of code". Example: Test your methods to write and retrieve a file.
  • Performance Testing: Checks whether the response time is the desired time for the application to be used. Example: Test whether the response time when writing and retrieving a file is satisfactory.
  • Load Test: Checks how the application works by using a large number of concurrent users. Example: Test performance when multiple users are recording and / or recovering files simultaneously.
  • Test Volume: Test the amount of data involved (it can be a small, medium, large, or very large file).
  • Functional testing: Test functional requirements, functions and use cases. Example: Test whether the application does what it should do when the user writes / retrieves the file.
  • Interface Test: Checks whether the navigability and screen targets where the user is going to record / retrieve a file on the system, work as specified and best serve the user.

Another issue that may be important is the security to save these files. Example: Test access if the user needs to save / retrieve this file in an X directory.

02.07.2014 / 16:13