How to create a user interface with the same style that was used in Visual Studio, Office 2013, GitHub for Windows, etc?


I would like to know how to create UI like those used by Visual Studio, Office 2013, GitHub for Windows, etc.

I searched the internet and found a theme for WPF called Cosmopolitan Theme, but looking at some details you realize that it is not the same, and I think because it was a third-party project, Microsoft would not have used it to do the VS2012 / VS2013 and Office 2013.

To show the difference, I took screenshots of these programs:

Interface I want to build:

  • Visual Studio:

  • Office2013(Excel):

  • GitHub for Windows:


The difference between these programs is in the style of their user interfaces. I have already looked for if there is a template in Visual Studio Express for Windows 8, Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop, Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and Ultimate 2013, but apparently there is no such template.

Apparently these UIs are a WPF customization, but I can not find anything official about it.

What is the name of this "theme"? Can anyone use it or is it paid? Is it something like the Ribbon that was first used (I think) in Office 2007?

asked by anonymous 16.12.2013 / 16:43

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In the case of GitHub the GitHub team posted on their blog how they did the layout, how they designed and made the xaml. Read here .

According to another blog post from them to make the visual part they used two frameworks: Calibur.Micro and Reactive.UI . But these frameworks do not leave it with the whole look of Github for Windows. Many things the team did in hand.

In the case of Visual Studio , such as

A similar one is Modern UI for WPF Templates . You'll have to search for existing templates until you find one that suits you.

Good luck!

18.02.2014 / 15:01

I believe you are referring to Metro UI.

On the Microsoft website is the documentation and examples.

16.12.2013 / 16:59

Visual Studio is made in WPF with custom customizations that any user can make (including themes). The Office if I am not mistaken is still done in WinForms, and at that point his Ribbon is better than WPF. And GitHub seems to be WPF custom made to look like Metro (with WPF you can do almost everything, just have the patience to be customizing the components).

31.01.2014 / 11:51

It's not exactly what you're looking for, but depending on the type of application being developed, you can use the Visual Studio Shell, and just create the plugins for the application. Then the program looks exactly like Visual Studio and has the desired functionality.

24.02.2014 / 20:57