How to organize a laravel project 4


I'm starting now with Laravel 4 and would like to know how you organize your project? referring to classes of controllers and models.

For example, in my case I will have an administrative area and I will have the site (front), I would like to separate the parts. In CodeIgniter I used HMVC and in Laravel?

asked by anonymous 29.07.2014 / 20:44

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As Laravel 4.X uses composer and PHP 5.3+ (laravel4.2 requires php5.4 +), I usually create a folder inside an app like this:

Icreatedthe"Hub" folder, and added it to composer.json like this:

Note:Itisnecessarytorunthe"composer dump-autoload" command for the new files created. and you use the default "app" app from laravel to the frontend.

The way to call them is "\ Hub \ YourPaste \ YourClass".

30.07.2014 / 20:09