Mysqli bind with an array of values


I have a code in PDO and I need to convert this code to mysqli, at this moment I have something like that:

$sql = "SELECT * from tabela where nome = ? AND idade = ? AND outro = ?";

$stmt = $core->conn->prepare($sql);

$bindArray = array( $_POST['nome'], $_POST['idade'], $_POST['outro'] );


The problem is in the $ bindArray, in the PDO in the function execute step the $ bindArray variable and it automatically binds the array, in mysqli I am not able to.

What could be wrong or can not do the same with mysqli?

asked by anonymous 04.12.2015 / 12:56

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Currently it is not possible to pass an array to execute () of MySQLi in the same way as works the PDO execute () , pass values also directly via # is not possible, oddly enough function returns generate a warning and work.

The solution for versions prior to PHP5.6 is to use call_user_func_array() as the responses on the links show.

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Approach with PHP5.6

With PHP 5.6 and the help of ... (unpacking arguments) it is possible to pass an array to bind_param() simply.

$valores = array('Doge', '[email protected]', 'wow value');
$stmt = $mysqli->prepare('INSERT INTO t (c1,c2,c3) VALUES(?,?,?)');
$stmt->bind_param('sss', ...$valores);
     echo $stmt->error;
04.12.2015 / 13:23