What are the rules for building an HTML email?


I am about to build an HTML email, but I see that there are differences to an ordinary website page. I want the HTML email to have css and to appear both in desktop access and on tablet and mobile, and it should show some images in the body of the message.

What is allowed and how do I present stylized HTML in the email I send?

Is there a standard or good practice?

asked by anonymous 29.03.2016 / 17:42

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If we developers find it complicated to have cross-browser compatibility, imagine email clients, well, each one implements whatever you want at any time you want, so in summary, you can look for a website that shows htm / css compatibility and choose the best approach for your html.

CampaignMonitor - Email Client CSS Support

MailChimp - Email Client CSS Support

There are articles saying about good practices, about not using css in <head> or not using background-image , most of them are out of date.

Another legal approach is to use templates on this site: Zurb - Template emails You can find a template click on View Tests and he will do a simulation on different email servers, after finding a template with the features you need is just download or give a crtl + u to see how he mounted.

Oh, of course they use link that allows you to preview your templates before submitting them.

29.03.2016 / 18:40