Could a web system be considered as software?


The question is whether a web system could be considered software. What are the web system definitions? What are the software definitions? And what's the threshold between them?

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It has a legal explanation on the site link about it.

In short, software is what you install on your computer or other device, it has executables, libraries, etc. System is a set of softwares that interact in view of a common goal.

So a web system is rather a software, even though it does not have an executable, it has libraries, databases, tools, etc.


We write lines of code in our development tool and   compiled the files to generate an executable, right? That   executable (also known as artifact) is what we call   software. In other words, it is the program that will be installed on the   user's computer and made available for use. But not only that! O   term "software" still encompasses the files that will be distributed with   the executable, such as libraries, database,   configuration, and of course the program documentation.


A system, in turn, is a set of softwares that interact   to achieve a common goal. Therefore, when we mention   "System", we are referring to a comprehensive solution that involves   several interconnected parts, offering a composite of functionalities   to meet user needs.

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