CEP database [duplicate]


I need a zip's database for https server access, if possible free, do you know any?

asked by anonymous 04.08.2016 / 15:01

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I've already used ViaCEP , it's free and works with HTTPS: link .

Example: link

  "cep": "01001-000",
  "logradouro": "Praça da Sé",
  "complemento": "lado ímpar",
  "bairro": "Sé",
  "localidade": "São Paulo",
  "uf": "SP",
  "unidade": "",
  "ibge": "3550308",
  "gia": "1004"

About return types:


After the CEP, the type of return desired should be provided, which should   be "json", "xml", "piped" or "querty".

04.08.2016 / 15:05