Blibiotecas Windows to use in Assembly


What libraries do I use to build a graphical Windows interface, and their respective functions?

Example: I can import the msvcrt.dll library to use C functions.

I have some experience in Assembly for low-level code, but not so much to build a .exe that runs on Windows.

I basically want to know which libraries to use to make an application with graphical interface.

I know the language well and I do not need you to teach me, just speak the libraries and how to use them.

asked by anonymous 25.09.2016 / 17:26

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All * to Windows API is available in C . So you have to use those libraries. You can also refer to MSDN in general .

The bulk of the learning should be on top of what you have for C. As you said you know well Assembly will have no difficulty in making the function calls passing the arguments as per the documentation.

You have an example in the SO .

And a tutorial using NASM .

* Today is not quite like this anymore.

25.09.2016 / 17:39

Programming for the native Windows graphical interface (Win32) is a fairly long subject.

To study seriously I recommend following a book, like the classic "Programming in Windows" of Charles Petzold. ( link )

For casual use there are numerous examples on the net, just Google, for example: link link

Here is an example of Microsoft itself:

25.09.2016 / 17:57