How do I do SEO?


I started a blog a short time ago, but long enough already to have visitors, 2 months already, but I have none! And I've already written 10 articles! I was told that I had to invest in website SEO unless I wanted to pay Adwords. I do not understand any of this, but I'm not in order to spend money for now, even though I'm so broken ....

What is SEO? How does it work? How do I do this?

asked by anonymous 12.12.2015 / 22:32

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SEO is the acronym for "Search Engine Optimization," which means "search engine optimization," or website optimization. SEO is the set of strategies with the aim of enhancing and improving the positioning of a site in the pages of natural (organic) results on search engines.

In other words, SEO is a kind of technical marketing, it is something where you depend not only on website and marketing dissemination, but also follow basic rules of mathematical logic imposed by the algorithms of Google and other sites to make your site stand out from the competition, among them is choosing the right keywords for your article and the natural increase in the amount of links pointing to your site, rather than how many people use programs to create links of publicity and ends up giving badly after.

I'll give you some tips I found on the internet to help you improve your site's SEO:

  • Customize Your Page Titles
  • Create Your Own Logo
  • Create Custom Titles in Google for Your Pages
  • Hide Unneeded Pages
  • Put Names in Your Images (ALT Attribute)
  • Write Smart and Original Content
  • Use Page-Specific Keywords
  • Sign up for Local Directories
  • Use social networks
  • Monitor Your Progress with SEO Tool
  • Use 301 Redirect
  • 12.12.2015 / 22:38

    Complementing colleagues' responses, you need to optimize your page so that search engines can match it to your search parameters, but this should be taken into account:

  • Each search engine has its own algorithm, and this one undergoes constant changes. Google has a SEO algorithm different from Yahoo for example, and to meet both, you should study them and tailor your page.
  • Each SEO algorithm has its own specific parameters and rules. It pays to study them for best results. Example: In your HTML, create meta tags to label / categorize content and subjects, use keywords, synonyms and so on.
  • Having links to other famous blogs or pages with great access in your blog also helps a lot, but this should also be done in the right way.
  • Using google Adwords is worth it! Google is the most used search engine (at least in Brazil) and using your API's gives you a good advantage. For you to have an idea, the company website I worked for had a poor or almost nonexistent SEO and after hiring Adwords, the volume of access to the page grew absurdly because it was positioned first in searches because of Adwords. >

    I suggest hiring an SEO analyst to give you advice for a few hours (they usually charge by the hour) and give an organized one on your blog. So you optimize for SEO and follow the work, get a good idea.

    I also suggest paying Adwords at least initially for you to have an initial disclosure and then keep.

    The work of SEO is constant, needs to be optimized always. If you want to always be in the first place get used to the idea. And if you can not, do not be discouraged! There are specialized companies that stay 24 hours on account of this and still can not stay on the first page of google results.

    Depending on your case, be happy to appear on the third or fourth page. Already the Adwords, can put you in first, remember that!

  • 13.12.2015 / 03:47