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I'm trying to show a "map" of the site on Google when searched, but I'm not succeeding.

Using the Yoast SEO plugin, I configured all the pages of the site, but I did not succeed. When you search the site on Google, only the home page appears, without showing the others.

I've also tried to create the sitemap.xml file and upload it to the server manually and then index it to Search Console, but it has not yet been successful.

The image below represents what I'm trying to do as a result:

asked by anonymous 16.10.2017 / 13:26

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This is called sitelinks and they are automatically rendered by Google so that this can work correctly you need to access the Google Web Master Tools panel and integrate the site service in question see how to do .

It is also important to create the sitemap and the robots.txt file in it that google will check for possible locks so it needs to be well configured, see how to test your file and how to write it .

Another thing is to have a fluid website without much internal redirection, pages with error-generating errors like 404 and 403 leave your site in poor placement in search results.


To end sitelinks

They will be created dynamically by google according to the search index of the page and link between them, but if they start appearing pages that do not like in this section only access google web master tools and configure what should appear and what should not. p>

So do not expect this sitelinks list to appear immediately since google servers need to propagate this information between them and your site needs to have some fetch in the service to create these logs.

23.10.2017 / 13:45