Is there official documentation for JavaScript?


Is there any official JavaScript documentation like or When we search Google, nothing resembles ...

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What we call JavaScript is an implementation of ECMASCRIPT (ECMA-262). There are several versions that are being developed. Version 5 is currently implemented in most browsers.

On the ECMASCRIPT site you can find documentation on JavaScript. But it's in a very heavy academic format, and nothing guarantees that different browsers will apply the code as described and specified there.

So the most respected and used source on a day-to-day basis is MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) which has a complete documentation and has information about the compatibility and implementation of the native method in the most common browsers. The MDN is a wiki and is actively updated by the community that uses it.

Another important function that MDN plays is to provide scripts, called Polyfil, which correct or allow features that do not exist in older browsers. The MDN is also an important reference for HTML and CSS.

Ps - Worth referring to our wiki here on SOpt ! < br> It is a page that has general information about JavaScript and important links to learn and learn about the language.

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