How to shorten the build time?


I have a solution with 20 projects, and most have a dependency relationship with each other. Compilation time takes a long time (6-8 minutes - may seem minor, but it hurts a lot when testing), even with changes to only one of the projects. The solution is in development, so it has grown a lot, which worries me if this time increases much more.

The project in which the compilation is the most time consuming is the one that contains the entire WPF visual part (* .xaml and * .xaml.cs)

  • Is there any way to shorten this time?

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Windows 10 64-bit, i7 2.7GHz, 16gb RAM. I use VS 2013.

I have already tested on SSD and HDD, I get similar results, nothing glaring difference in delay of the build. I've also changed the VS version, tested with VS2013, VS2015 and VS2017 RC, VS2013 is what works best for my solution .

I reiterate that it is a large project, I have more than 200 UserControls / Windows WPF, which ends up leaving the build of the screen only project (which I mentioned earlier) slower. (not that others do not delay!)

I have already changed the settings several times, now I use the default, but I have already tried several things to try to shorten the compilation time, I did not get much results.

asked by anonymous 25.12.2016 / 14:07

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I started using Visual Studio 2017. The build time dropped from 8 minutes to 4 minutes on average. Resolved for me.

The visual part is still the most time consuming in the compilation. The test I had done in VS2017 was still in the RC version.

Learn more about Visual Studio 2017 .

20.09.2017 / 01:17

You need to first find out what the bottleneck is. Open the task manager while doing the build, see which hardware is 100% use, probably the CPU. Shutting down Windows Defender or any other anti-virus is imperative as they are great performance villains. Its hardware looks good, SSD helps a lot but the motherboard needs to sustain speed, make sure the copy of a large file (gigas) has a sustained speed of at least 380MB / s, if you do not have your motherboard, it's a bottleneck for the SSD. Also check that the AHCI option is on in the BIOS, this helps in disk performance. I would trade this processor for a higher clock, I think you should also use only 4 builds in parallel because i7 only has 4 cores despite being 8 threads. I have a great PC to be able to test your build if you are interested, just pass me the project.

01.01.2017 / 07:21