What are the main differences between Angular.js React.js and Vue.js?


In a SPA project that will soon be used in a mobile app as well, I need to know the key differences in deciding which framework to focus on.

asked by anonymous 01.04.2017 / 04:42

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AngularJS (version 1) is already deprecated. It is a framework that includes routing, validation of forms, etc. Uses MVC (Model-View-Controller) model. Its successor is Angular, which is already in version 4 (there was no version 3) and applications are written in TypeScript. Angular is different from the original AngularJS 1.X. Angular was created by Google's staff.

React is a library that focuses on developing UI with reusable components. It's like a jQuery upgrade. React is usually used in conjunction with other libraries like the Redux, React Router, etc., thus forming a full frontend application. React was created by Facebook staff.

Vue.js , like React, is a library focused on the application's View. It was created by Evan You , a Google developer who worked on the development of AngularJS. Therefore, Vue.js has a strong influence on the aspects of AngularJS.

I think each one has its strength and I recommend taking a look at the structure and code of each one. I personally like React. He was a big fan of AngularJS, but I became. I've never used Vue.js, but it seems to have a certain popularity recently.


AngularJS: framework, with everything already included, but now version 1 is obsolete. Learn TypeScript to develop for Angular (v2 +).

React: library, fast applications due to Virtual DOM. Encourages the use of JavaScript and ES6 vanilla.

Vue.js: There seems to be angular aspects, but in a library instead of the complete framework.

28.04.2017 / 19:56

Vue.JS and React.JS are view-oriented according to the sites of each. Angular.JS is said to be more robust.

Although some things that Angular JS does with Vue and React are possible, Angular JS ends up becoming more robust.

24.04.2017 / 22:30