Facebook page does not open with click - nightwatch


Hello, I recently started working with Nightwatch.js . I want to test the click on the facebook icon.

The code is this:

module.exports = {
        "Facebook link" : function (browser) {
                .waitForElementVisible('.socal', 3000)
                .waitForElementPresent('.fa.fa-facebook', 15000)

Result is this:

> Running:  Facebook link
         ? Element <.socal> was visible after 118 milliseconds. 
         ? Element <.fa.fa-facebook> was present after 21 milliseconds. 
         ? Testing if the URL contains "facebook".  - expected "facebook" but got: http: //m.unitel.ao/fit/

While running the test it does not open the facebook page. Can someone help and tell you what is wrong?

asked by anonymous 12.05.2016 / 12:50

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