Visual Studio Test Explorer does not find the tests


I'm having a problem with Visual Studio 2013, Test Explorer is not loading the tests at any time, either after Build or through Run Tests / CTRL+R, T . Does anyone have any clue what that might be?

I have the following packages installed through NuGet: , Runners , Fluent Assertions , and the test below as an example:

using Xunit;
namespace Registro
    public class CadastroValidoRecebido
        public void Usuario_Adicionado_Ao_Sistema()


I followed the links of several links, what seemed most promising were the processor architecture changes reported in the link below, but Test Explorer still does not find the tests.


asked by anonymous 06.03.2014 / 18:20

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As I recall, Visual Studio does not recognize third-party tests (that is, other than MSTest) automatically, requiring the installation of additional packages.

Take a look at this for xunit (I'm not sure if it's this, but please try it): runner for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

You can also try the Resharper ... it gets paid, but I'm absolutely a fan of the tool. From what I read about it, it supports xunit via plugins.

06.03.2014 / 18:28

With the latest version of xUnit.Net is already possible, according to the documentation ( link ) it is necessary to install via package nuget xunit.runner.visualstudio

With this, xUnit is integrated with Test Explorer

15.06.2015 / 00:15