Is it possible to define a connection pool for each user in an oracle database?


I searched the oracle documentation and found only ways to change the image, but nothing about creating another. Does anyone there know if it's possible what I'm ordering? And how to proceed?

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Harisson Ford A. Ribeiro

asked by anonymous 19.05.2016 / 17:33

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More or less, you can configure a session limit per user not a connection pool in the database. For this we can create and configure profiles, thanks to this feature we can control things like:

  • Total sessions per user
  • CPU consumption per user
  • Maximum connection time

Many other possibilities are possible thanks to user profiles. See the following link for more information on the subject: link

To change a user's profile, see: link

Now I'll explain why I answered "more or less". The connection pool is usually configured in your application, for example, if you have a Java application running on a Tomcat, the connection pool can be managed by the Java application, or more commonly by Tomcat. Already on the database side you control features like:

  • Connection limit per user
  • Maximum idle time before end the session
  • Maximum session time etc ...
17.10.2016 / 00:17