What is the difference between Service and Application Software?


I've always wondered about the difference between the terms serviço and software de aplicação . Both have similar meanings, but what is the big difference in them? Here are some definitions about the terms.


Microsoft Windows services, formerly known as NT services,   allow you to create long-running executable applications in   your own Windows sessions. These services can be   automatically started when the computer boots, can be   paused and restarted, and have no user interface.   These features make services ideal for use in a   server or whenever you need the long running functionality   that does not interfere with other users who are working on the same   computer.

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Application software (application or application) is a   computer that aims to help its user to perform a   specific task, usually linked to data processing. Your   nature is different from other types of software, such as   and related tools, games and other software   playful.

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Service: This is usually software that runs in the background and performs specific tasks, may or may not have some type of interface either via command line or gui. A service does not require much user attention.

In Windows, at least the difference between a service and application / software / program is that it communicates with the kernel.

Application: It is a software that performs a specific task (editing texts, executing an audio file), it is usually called on demand.

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