Difference between acceptance test and system test


In practice, what is the difference between the acceptance test and the system test? And how to do them?

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Validation Test

  • The software is mounted as a package and its validation is performed through a series of black box tests
  • Purpose:
    • demonstrate compliance with functional and performance requirements
    • Verify that the documentation is correct
  • two possibilities:
    • accepted
    • does not fully meet the requirements: negotiate with the user
  • includes the Acceptance Test: performed by the user himself
  • In case of software developed for several users:
    • alpha test: performed by the user in the developer environment
    • beta test: performed by the user in their own environment

System Test

  • Consider the software within your broader environment (all aspects of interacting with it, such as other hardware, software, people, etc.)
  • corresponds to a series of tests that aims to verify that all elements of the system have been properly integrated and correctly perform their functions
    • security testing: aims to verify that all protection mechanisms actually protect software from improper access.
    • stress test: aims to confront programs with abnormal situations of frequency, volume or resources in quantity.
    • Performance testing: aims to test the system response time and is usually applied to real-time systems

Unit Testing

  • focuses on the module
  • uses the structural testing technique
  • can be performed in parallel for multiple modules
  • aspects considered Generally, a program is not a single module, but formed of several modules that, for unit testing purposes, must be tested separately

Integration Testing

  • In a systematic way, the structure of the program is constructed while performing tests to detect interface errors.
  • Although the modules, after the unit test, work properly in isolation, the integration test is necessary because when put together, several unexpected situations can happen

Source: Software Engineering Lesson Summary.

How to do them, will depend on several variables, such as type of technology, project control environment, approval team, technical training, among other factors.

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