Delphi is an IDE or programming language?


Through a question that appeared here What is a programming language, IDE and compiler? , I had a question:

Is Delphi an IDE or programming language? I've heard programmers working with Delphi say Delphi is an IDE used to program in Pascal. But what is the real answer?

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There are controversies, I've seen sources that claim one thing or another.

This has little practical importance but it's worth the curiosity, especially since it helps you understand a little better what you are doing and using . Curiosity is a characteristic of every good programmer. Or maybe any qualified professional.

Object Pascal is a language originally created by Apple to improve what Pascal did, and one of the goals was to add ability to deal with object orientation.

The language created by Apple has never been standardized and dropped. Borland who had the best product on top of the Pascal language, Turbo Pascal, used Apple's creation to improve its product that was used as the basis by Apple. Then she herself improved on that of Object Pascal, moving away from what Apple had created.

At one point I could not call it Object Pascal anymore and the language name changed to Delphi, confusing it with the IDE name. What everyone already did. This adds to the confusion people have about what programming language and IDE is. But the very Embarcadero site comes to use the term Object Pascal yet. Note that at no time do they attempt to resolve the issue. It seems that the exact term was chosen not to make clear what language is and what is IDE. At the end Delphi is perhaps the whole package of language, IDE and other tools with libraries.

At least this says this font . And Wikipedia confirms (or was used from source) somehow as being a language that is a dialect of the Object Pascal. The other article gives more information .

There is Lazarus that is compatible with Delphi and can be used on many platforms for free. It's not exactly the same, it's very similar.

Delphi is a trademark of Embarcadero, the current owner of the product.

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From what I've found so far, Delphi is currently a programming language, compliant and sse link jetty / borland.


Delphi is a high-level, compiled, strongly typed language that supports structured and object-oriented design.

This answer from SOen, helps tell part of the story, up to version 6 Delphi was an IDE to object Pascal, as the language was discontinued by Apple, from version 7, borland got what it had from the pascal object made some modifications and renamed it Delphi language.

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Delphi is indeed an IDE for Pascal programming.

But not only that, it also serves as a compiler for the same language. So besides IDE is a compiler for Pascal programmers.

It is widely used in the development of desktop applications. Multilayer and client / server applications, compatible with the most popular databases on the market.

If someone asks you in what language you program, do not say "DELPHI" you should just say DELPHI, when they ask you in which development environment you work or with which tool you develop. When you are using DELPHI, the language it generates is Object Pascal.

Interesting articles about Delphi. What is Delphi

If you know English, here's an interesting article about Delphi.

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What Object Pascal compiler compiles these statements (generics) if it is not Delphi?

    List : TList<String>; 
    List : TList<String>.Create; 

Which Object Pascal compiler compiles Anonymous Methods?

What Object Pascal compiler compiles Class Helpers?

Which Pascal Object compiler compiles Class Attributes and inserts it into RTTI?

And the way and the syntax that Delphi does?

Unlike Eclipse that allows editing of PHP, JAVA and other languages allowing perspective, the Delphi IDE only fits with Delphi itself, so the Delphi IDE is for itself and can not be used for other languages. / p>

Soon Delphi is Language + Compiler + IDE

Object pascal is the language that originated Delphi, more or less Delphi 7, after this was called Delphi Language for a while, and recently the embarcadero again called the Object Pascal language, but also called it of Delphi, meaning there seems to be no consensus.

So it's not wrong to call the Delphi language as well as it can not be called as an error to call Object Pascal from where everything originated.

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Miguel, Delphi is an IDE used to create native programs for windows platform. The history of this IDE is long, there are hundreds of chapters. I have with me that the history of computing (as a whole) is quite extensive, and one of the most used tools in the world is DELPHI. The information is so many, so many changes over the years, the meaning is lost if there is a well thought out answer. Delphi was released in 1995, is 20 years of history and innovation, today it is completely different from what it once was. Take note, consider Delphi as IDE, (and also as RAD), and be happy.

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