Spring Loaded is not working


I have a Spring 3.1.4 project

I'm setting the spring-loaded below the image below:

Tomcat runs right but spring-loaded is not working any changes I have to raise tomcat again.

asked by anonymous 22.03.2016 / 17:31

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The documentation is clear in saying that classes loaded from JAR files do not are reloaded, only .class individual files that are on disk, in some directory included in classpath .

Without knowing your environment in detail I can not state this in a conclusive way, but I suppose:

  • You are including your project as a jar in WEB-INF/lib so it will not be reloaded; or
  • The location where your classes are being compiled by Eclipse is not in classpath of Tomcat, so they are not found.

On the second item, see this answer that mentions how a user solved the same problem by accessing the Launch configuration option in Eclipse, classpath tab, adding the project to .

23.03.2016 / 02:47